How to Use In-Sight Explorer Record and Playback Functions

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When developing a machine vision application in Cognex In-Sight Explorer, it’s not always practical to program the software in a loud, disruptive production environment. Fortunately, In-Sight EasyBuilder allows developers to extract images from an In-Sight camera on the production line and work on them later in a quieter, distraction-free setting.

This quick video shows how to set up the Record and Playback functions. In essence, a filmstrip is created from all the images captured from In-Sight vision system cameras. The filmstrip is not in motion like an animation or a movie, but rather a series of still images that can be worked on one at a time. Given the potentially large set of images, the process of creating a filmstrip of image acquisition expedites image processing.

Getting Started  

To get started, connect the In-Sight vision system in the In-Sight Network field in EasyBuilder. (Note: Turn off the Online button. Record mode does not work in Online mode.)

Next, find the buttons in the task bar that enable configuration of the filmstrip. Clicking the Record/Playback button calls up a dialog screen with Record and Playback tabs. Here, establish the network paths to the folders that will hold the images for recording and playback. Clicking on the Record tab brings up settings for configuring file names, choosing file formats and selecting the file type (bitmap or jpeg).



Start Recording

Once the Record/Playback options are set up, it’s time to start recording. This requires clicking the red “Record” button, which will flash while images are being acquired. 

Then, click the Manual Camera Trigger button in the task bar. This saves the images from the In-Sight camera into the selected file folder.

An added benefit of recording images is that if a problem occurs in setup or development, the filmstrip can be sent to Cognex support staff for resolution. 

Related In-Sight Explorer EasyBuilder Help Files:

  • Record/Playback Options Dialog. Adjust Record and Playback settings. These options apply to the dialog screens shown in this video. 
  • Record Defaults Panel. This panel establishes the default settings for the first time the Record option is used.   
  • Image settings dialog. Configure the resolution and frame rate for images to be acquired. 
  • Image Menu. This is the overall menu for working with images in the display area of the In-Sight EasyBuilder interface. Functions include Trigger, Live Video, Record/Playback, Zoom, Orientation and Show Brightness feedback.
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