New Whitepaper: "The Future for Machine Vision Looks Bright and Clear"


Are you ready to explore the future of industrial automation? We're thrilled to introduce our newest white paper, "The Future for Machine Vision Looks Bright and Clear," which delves into the dynamic world of machine vision technology and its profound impact on industries worldwide. This comprehensive white paper, a result of our extensive research and expert insights, examines the current state of the global industrial machine vision market. It explores developing trends, the key drivers behind purchasing decisions, the benefits offered by machine vision technology, and predictions for the industry.

Projecting the Growth of Machine Vision

One key takeaway: Machine vision usage is projected to grow by 37%, with survey respondents reporting expected growth from the current 46% to an impressive 63% of potential applications over the next two years.

Machine vision is experiencing a surge in adoption, with organizations actively seeking more ways to deploy this transformative technology across their operations. Decision-makers are continually searching for ways to enhance productivity, quality, and traceability, and as a result are identifying more applications on their manufacturing and logistics lines that can be improved with machine vision.

Cover of the white paper "The Future for Machine Vision Looks Bright and Clear"

Machine Vision Research Insights

Some of the topics explored in the white paper:

  • The Market Landscape: Discover how machine vision is rapidly transforming various industry sectors, from manufacturing to logistics and distribution.
  • Terminology Matters: Learn about the varied terminology used to describe machine vision technology in different countries and regions.
  • Embracing Machine Vision: Find out how and why companies are embracing machine vision, with 45% using it in all or most of their relevant processes.
  • Addressing Barriers: Understand the most commonly cited barriers to adoption and key steps vendors can take to address them.
  • AI Integration: Explore how AI integration is poised to accelerate the machine vision industry, making it more accessible and user-friendly.
  • The Benefits: Discover the top benefits organizations gain from adopting machine vision technology, including improved quality and increased productivity.

As the industrial automation landscape evolves, machine vision is at the forefront of innovation, offering game-changing solutions for factories, warehouses, logistics providers, and manufacturers worldwide. Don't miss the opportunity to stay informed about this dynamic industry's growth potential and the transformative impact it can have on your organization.

Jeremy Sacco

Senior Manager, Global Content Marketing, Cognex

A technology writer and editor for over two decades, Jeremy specializes in making complex information accessible and understandable. A new Cognoid as of July 2023, he has helped businesses in many industries understand the ROI of technology and service purchases through his work for CarGurus, Fiksu, and BuyerZone. When not digging into machine vision trends and technology, he can be found making music with guitar or his a cappella group, playing D&D and other games with his 12yo twins, or just taking a walk in the woods. 

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