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A Truly Great Vision System Needs to be Easy to Use

Here at Cognex, we are very proud that our vision systems can inspect, guide and identify products and components to within thresholds of just a few microns. I think that it’s just as important, however, that the system be easy to set up and use. Along with accuracy, reliability and repeatability I would add usability as a critical factor in solving your toughest machine vision applications over the long haul.

To illustrate my point: when Laser Cheval, France's only manufacturer of industrial lasers designed a machine that automatically laser engraves logos on watch components with extremely small dimensions, they chose to integrate a Cognex VisionPro-equipped PC because the tools provide the richness, diversity and power that their application needed. But what also impressed the operators was the machine's easy setup and user friendliness. They appreciated its ability to adapt to new sets of workpieces and the fact that the VisionPro graphics library lets them take full control over maintaining jobs and creating new patterns with no difficulty.

Laser Cheval's customer now plans to deploy additional machines incorporating machine vision to automate all of its engraving work.

So the lesson here is clear: when you choose a vision system, come for the tools and stay for the usability!

To read more about the Laser Cheval experience, go to: Precision laser micromachine manufacturer depends on VisionPro to exceed customer expectations

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