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Why I Care About Revolutionizing the 1-D Barcode Reader Market

I started in product management in the electronics industry working for a company that makes screen printers, adhesive dispensers, and reflow ovens. It was very exciting technology and a great place to work until the whole electronics market collapsed. We used Cognex vision and ID within our products so I was familiar with the technology. When I got the chance to come work at Cognex, I jumped at it.

I’ve held several roles here including product marketing manager for our fixed-mount readers, sales engineer, and strategic market development manager. Most recently, I helped develop and launch the DataMan 500, the next generation 1-D barcode reader that will revolutionize the logistics 1-D barcode scanning market. Now I spend my days hunting down laser 1-D barcode readers in the logistics and manufacturing markets.

You might ask why I’m so passionate about replacing laser barcode scanners with imaged-based ID readers? I find it frustrating when people continue to do things the way they always have when there are better methods available. That’s not to say that image-based ID readers are the solution for every 1-D barcode reading application but they certainly are the best solution available today for most applications.

Imagine still watching your movies on VHS tapes when DVDs and Blu-ray discs are available - or how about using a DOS on your PC? These older technologies still work, and in many cases could still get the job done, but they can’t perform at the level of newer technology in terms of quality or efficiency.

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