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Product Launch Time

This is what product development guys live for: product launch time!

Months and months of development effort and years of planning turning into a live product. The new DataMan 8000 wireless handheld barcode readers are coming out and customers are buzzed. It’s so great to see it all come together. Listening to customers, getting feedback on design concepts, testing and then launch. And, it’s amazing how sometimes the simple things are just as important as the big things.

Two of the most exciting features of the new DataMan 8000 wireless barcode readers are really quite simple: built in spare battery charger and standard cables. It’s great to hear customers rave about being able to use any standard CAT5/5e Ethernet cable, any standard Type A USB cable or standard 9pin RS-232 cable to communicate with the new base station. It’s a simple thing, but it really makes a lot of sense… you don’t need a custom cable, you don’t need to stock these custom cables, you can get standard cables in a variety of lengths to meet your needs and they’re cheaper! All around it’s a win for the customer and they are loving it.

And the spare battery charger. Fantastic! With our previous wireless handheld barcode reader, customers needed a separate cradle to charge spare batteries. Now, that functionality is built right into the base. Simple things, but they make a real difference and it’s great to see. I like to think we’re doing our jobs right by listening to our customers and providing what they’re asking for.

Of course, these simple features don’t even come close to the core aspects of the product like great algorithms to read the most challenging codes, specialty lighting for DPM application and modular future-proof design that allows customers tremendous flexibility. And the base station has Ethernet in addition to USB and RS-232 so you’ll be able to connect direct to PLC’s or networks. As you can tell, I’m really excited about this launch but I know it’s a great product and the feedback from the market seems to be the same!

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