Achieving Quality, Safety, and Speed with Cognex Machine Vision Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From assembly to final inspection, nearly every system and component within an automobile is manufactured with machine vision and barcode reading technology. With advancements in artificial intelligence, many manufacturers are also leveraging deep learning-based image analysis software to solve complicated part location, cosmetic inspection, and classification challenges. Cognex machine vision systems, barcode readers, and deep learning-based software enable automotive part manufacturers and vehicle assembly plants to achieve exceptional quality, safety, and production goals.

Auotomotive - Tire Wheel

Tire and Wheel

Cognex solutions are designed to sort, inspect, and identify wheels and tires. Robust, high-speed wheel identification systems reliably read codes regardless of placement and orientation. Optical character recognition enables tire manufacturers to read even deformed characters with accuracy. Patented vision tools recognize tread patterns and handle variations in position, ensuring that manufacturers assemble the correct wheel to a vehicle and track it throughout the supply chain.

Automotive - Brake Pad

Safety Systems

Machine vision and barcode reading solutions help automotive manufacturers improve product quality and control traceability of components and final assemblies. With Cognex, manufacturers can automate inspections, gauge critical dimensions, locate parts, and verify that components have been properly assembled. Safety system inspections and traceability minimize the chance of part recalls.

Automotive - Powertrain

Powertrain Systems

Machine vision confirms the presence of critical powertrain components such as clutch packs, carriers, constant velocity joints, valve bodies, pistons, seals, and snap rings to maximize quality and minimize recalls. Manufacturers use Cognex vision technology to ensure parts are assembled correctly, conform to strict tolerances, and are traced throughout the supply chain.

Automotive - Electronics

Electronics Systems

Cognex vision and barcode reading products error-proof the sorting process, reduce product failure, and increase throughput. Enhanced automation ensures electronic components and systems for traditional and electric vehicles (EV) meet strict quality standards.

Automotive - Chassis

Chassis Systems

2D and 3D machine vision systems gauge chassis parts with high accuracy and inspect and verify assembled vehicle doors, trim, and bodies. 3D vision systems also help chassis manufacturers automate racking and inspect body panels in order to detect defects prior to welding.

Find out why automotive and EV manufacturers trust their complete machine vision needs to Cognex with our free Automotive Solutions Guide.

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